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SPIRIT LEVEL 2: Cultivating Bliss

What do you get?


There are a total of 10 full length videos and, as always, each video will be accompanied by a booklet to help elaborate on what you've watched to help accellerate your development.

Once you decide to continue onto this next level you will gain full entry to all  videos and downloadable work booklets straight away so you can watch them in one easy to access place whenever you want to.



PLUS ...

You'll also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book called What's the Point? A guide to life and happiness which will complement both level 2 & 3 with more information and tools for you.


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By Miss M L Mansfield

"A fantastically written book, I couldn't put it down!"WHAT'S THE POINT.png

By Audrey Turmer

"I really loved this book. Merging science, spirituality, old and new. I would recommend this to everyone. Excellent"

By A. F. Heighway

"This book is written in such a way that you feel you know the author. It's a wonderful blend of science, spirituality and plain old common sense. Some of the most amazing truths about life, love and self are presented in such a refreshingly down-to-earth way that it puts a smile on your face and (often) a tear in your eye"

By S. Austin Cooper

"I found this book inspirational it re-opened my eyes to the miracle of life itself and will help anybody looking to put harmony and peace into their lives. Whats the point is a must read for all you different thinkers out there"


"If you want to be in control of your life and live it full of happiness then this book is a must read! It is one of these books which is so easy and pleasant to read that you just can't stop before you finish it. I enjoyed reading it and it made me aware of so many things in life that I've never thought of before"

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I'll ALSO give you this audiobook to download

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Duration: 2.5 hours

  • Chapter 1. The Ego
  • Chapter 2. Meditation
  • Chapter 3. Enlightenment
  • Chapter 4. Happiness
  • Chapter 5. Mind-Setting for your ideal future



What will you learn?

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Each video will talk you through the practicalities of each progressive meditation taught, explaining clearly the reasons why it's of benefit, what exactly it does to help your spiritual and personal development and of course, how to practice it.

As more people seek a natural and healthy way to find relief from modern day pressures and ability to cope with the cyclical Rat Race, meditation and mindfulness has become increasingly more popular as an effective and healthy way to find inner peace and quiet. But many people don't stick at it for very long.

HOWEVER, with SPIRIT LEVEL 2, you will have a bank of progressive videos to follow so you can  watch the first, practice throughout the week before progressing onto the second video ...and so on.  Therefore, you essentially have ten weeks of developmental meditation on this course which will keep you motivated as you learn and experience a progressively deeper level of meditation.

But there is more …

With the regular and specific meditation practice taught on SPIRIT LEVEL 2, a much larger and profound experience of oneness and  complete state of utter bliss can be found.  

Video 1:

  • Misconceptions of meditation
  • Meditation vs Mindfulness
  • Evidence-based benefits of meditation
  • How to prepare mentally for effective meditation
  • How to prepare your environment for meditation
  • How to position yourself for effective meditation
  • How to overcome common challenges when meditating

Video 2: Meditation 1. Focus on sensations

Video 3: Medittion 2. Focus on the breath

Video 4: Meditation 3. Focus on the count

Video 5: Meditation 4. Following the energy cycle

Video 6: Meditation 5. 'I' the Observer

Video 7: Meditation 6: Thought separation

Video 8: Meditation 7. Finding yourself concept

Video 9: Meditation 8. 'I' the universal energy

Video 10: Meditation 9: Unity of 'I' and the bliss of oneness


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Level 1 Members

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